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We carry out the conservation and restoration of frames that accompany paintings. Museum standard re-framing is carried out for all paintings as standard. We also commission high quality reproduction and modern frames. 

The purpose of a frame is to protect a painting physically while enhancing its aesthetic appreciation. Where paintings are displayed in an uncontrolled environment, such as a home, a heritage building or public space, we can adapt both historic and modern frames to take Museum Glass (or super break and scratch resistant Museum Acrylic) and a protective backing. These are highly recommended as not only do they act as physical barriers to minimise airborne pollution and accidental damage, but research has shown that the creation of a 'micro-environment' in this manner will significantly prolong the life of a painting by eliminating the harmful effects of ultra-violet light in daylight and buffer against fluctuations of temperature and humidity in the environment. We are sensitive to the hanging environment of pictures, whether an individual work or a collection, so all re-framing decisions are made in consultation with our clients regarding aesthetics, practicality and budget.

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