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Lecture & Study Day Titles: Bio

1 hour Powerpoint lectures (45/35 minute versions also possible). Synopses available on request:

  • How Did He/She/They Paint that? An Introduction to Technical Art History

  • "My scrambling affair”: How Constable’s Late Paintings changed the face of Modern Art, "What a stunning lecture, her content was astonishing!..." TAS Guernsey 2023

  • "Spotty & Specky”: Late Constable and how not to paint in the early 19th century!

  • Fakes & Fortunes (or, have I discovered a Constable in my attic?!)

  • What’s in a crack? The Materials & Techniques of Stanhope Forbes and the Newlyn School Painters

  • The Arte of Makinge a Likenesse: Painting Techniques of the Artists & Studios of the Tudor & Jacobean Courts

  • Method or Madness? John Constable’s Painting Techniques, c.1802–1837

  • From Chocolate Box to Jackson Pollock: The Materials & Techniques of Constable’s Great Landscapes of the 1820s-30s

  • A Bit of Slap and Tickle: Constable’s Brighton Paintings, 1824-28

  • The Father of Modern Painting? A closer look at Constable’s Great Landscapes

  • A Tale of Vanity Fair: Constable's Treslove portraits re-discovered

  • Face Painting: The materials, techniques and conservation of British portraits, c.1530-1960

  • A Day in the Life of a Picture Restorer: The conservation and restoration of easel paintings

  • Conserving the English Icon: The cleaning and conservation of Long Gallery Portraits

  • The Crack’d Visage: The Conservation and Restoration of British Portraits, c.1530-1960

  • A Tale of a Million Brushstrokes: The Conservation and Restoration of Tudor and Jacobean Portraits

  • Restoring the Arte of Kent: The Conservation of Paintings from Kentish Collections

  • Restoring the Bridge: The Conservation of Paintings of Rochester Bridge and the River Medway

  • From Cimabue to Marks & Spencer: A Short History of Painting Materials and Techniques

  • Creating the English Icon: The materials and techniques of Tudor and Jacobean portraiture

  • English Face? English Artist? The Materials and Techniques of British Portrait Painting, c.1500-1900

  • ‘All that glisters..’, The painting techniques & conservation of portraits by Jacobean painter William Larkin (c.1610-19)

  • The English Face Unmask’d: Five Centuries of British Portrait Painting Techniques

  • The Suffolk Collection Reveal’d: The Conservation & Restoration of Tudor & Jacobean Portraits at Kenwood House

  • Sparking Seas and Fresh Faces: The Conservation and Restoration of paintings by Cornish painters and artists working in Cornwall

Study Days (3 lectures)/ Half Study Days (2 lectures):

  • "A scrambling affair”: Constable's radical 'late' technique, his legacy and  influence on Modern Art and 20th c. landscape

  • English Face? English Artist? A closer look at Five Centuries of British Portrait painting techniques

  • Fit for Purpose: Constable’s Oil Painting Materials & Techniques (or any combination of 2/3 Constable titles) "Unanimously outstanding", TAS Winchester 2023

  • The Paintings Conservation Roadshow (usually 2 morning lectures with a hands-on session in the afternoon with an 'Antiques Roadshow' style condition assessment and advice on members' paintings; Half Study Day = one 1hr lecture + 1-1.5hr approx. hands-on session)

  • Face Painting: The materials, techniques and conservation of British portraits, c.1530-1960

Sarah is willing to put together 'bespoke' study days or half study days with any combination of existing titles. All her talks are 'in her head', based on her own work and research, so she can combine and link themes as required.

Lecture & Study Day Titles: Bio
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