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Sarah Cove ACR has been an Accredited Lecturer for The Arts Society since 2003. Her topics cover the conservation and restoration of paintings, the materials and techniques of British portraiture, Stanhope Forbes and the Newlyn School and technical art history. Her Constable titles are always very popular and will change your view of the artist and his legacy forever! 'Fakes and Fortunes!' gives insight into Sarah's consultancy work, TV appearances and the exciting highs and crashing lows of Constable discovery (or not!). 

“Exceedingly informative with great presentation”; "Unanimously outstanding...astounded at your depth of knowledge"; “The best Study Day I’ve ever attended!”; “Top of our list of recommendations for the Area Meeting”. Sarah's Day of Special Interest 'The Paintings Conservation Roadshow' (left) continues to be very popular with Societies, as do her other study days, due to her passion for her work, her clear presentation and her exuberant personality. For many years Sarah has received over 90% 'Outstanding' and 'Excellent' reviews. She is often available at short notice and is willing to travel within the UK and worldwide.

A complete list of Sarah's Lecture and Study Day titles can be found here. Link to Sarah Cove's Lecturer page on The Arts Society website (Member's only). Click here.

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Recent Study Day Feedback:

“Excellent, very interesting- I learnt a lot”
“Outstanding - Brilliant speaker, enthralling presentation. Such an enlightening talk- a real education. Totally absorbing and fascinating subject"
“First rate - booked for the Spring in March”
“Best Study Day I’d been to in about 5 years”
“Outstanding- excellent Study Day with a very good atmosphere- exceeded my expectations"
“Excellent day”

“I found the whole subject engrossing and very much liked Sarah's competent and fluent delivery without the need for notes. Her friendly approach to her audience was great and altogether I would rate today as Outstanding!"

"I wish I had known about picture conservation as a career, I would have much preferred that"

"Thank you for arranging such a super day.”

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