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The attribution of a painting is not a straightforward matter and it usually comes only after detailed technical examination, comparison of the materials and techniques with those from an artist's known works and the agreement of scholars on style and chronology. 

Sarah Cove ACR works as a Freelance Consultant to galleries, salerooms, art dealers and private clients. She collaborates closely with leading colleagues in the field of Constable scholarship whose opinions may be sought and considered alongside the results of technical and scientific examination. 

Due to her unique expertise and international profile, Sarah charges professional fees for Constable consultancy including the technical and scientific examination of paintings, lecturing and appearances. 

She does not give opinions without a Contract in place and the payment of an initial consultancy fee. The acceptance of a fee does not commit her in any way to the attribution of a painting it simply covers the time for an examination of photographs, or the painting itself, after which she will advise on the best course of action. Should you wish to engage her for a consultation in respect of a painting that you own, or to enquire about a consultation, please contact her with a short email. Please do not send large numbers of photographs, documents, attachments, Interfax or other document transfers in the first instance.

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